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Dale Thomas Vaughn, a champion of self-discovery and authentic healthy masculinity. Having written four Amazon best-selling books, run with the bulls in Pamplona, walked the 500 mile pilgrimage that is the Camino del Santiago, become a certified specialist of wine, and tried and failed in the world of business, Dale knows a thing or two about passion and purpose. He reached the top of his game when he began coaching men on how to authentically be healthy men; men who find other healthy positive guys to be in a pack with.

Today, through his work with The EmpowerMentorship Institute, Dale helps guys discover what they want from their lives and then empowers them to make a plan to go and do it. He is also Editor of Leadership & Business at The Good Men Project, a site about men that regularly reaches unique traffic levels that rival Oprah.com and Politico.com and his award-winning work with men and at-risk boys has led to the foundation of the Global Center for Healthy Masculinities.

As seen on CNN, CBS, Huffington Post Live, TEDx, the Art of Charm, the Man School Podcast and in the LA Weekly, Dale’s work has received multiple Best of LA awards, Telly awards, and the M Award for service and leadership from his alma mater SMU.

Dale lives in Los Angeles with his partner Elizabeth Menzel, founder of Women’s Wisdom Community.

Want to Go From Numbness to Greatness? Here’s how.

The EmpowerMentorship Institute

EmpowermentEdits13Meet K.M., an aspiring filmmaker who made small adjustments each week and within 6 weeks was accepted into the American Film Institute, met the woman of his dreams (to whom he is now married), and moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream.

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What Guys Like You Say


  • “Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the program you led us through. It got me writing again – which was my goal – but it also helped me improve myself in ways that I hadn’t even considered. For me, the most unexpected result is that I’ve become a better husband. As I’ve started to understand what I need to succeed myself, it’s given me a more concrete understanding of how to be a supportive partner – and for that I am in your debt.” – L.W., future Pulitzer Prize Laureate
  • “Dale’s leadership strategies are effective as well as inspiring and he sets the standard for integrity, on and off the court. When it comes to Dodgeball, you’re only as good as your whole team. Dale truly understands this notion and knows how to utilize and showcase each individual player’s strengths. He perfectly embodies all of the responsibilities and expectations of a respected captain.” – M.W., Content Strategist
  • “Dale is a leader. Taking to heart the maxim that the team is only as strong as its weakest player, I saw him countless time build so-called weak players into valuable assets. Dale taught me to slow down the game and play the angles, a lesson that is as applicable on the dodgeball court as it is in life. There is seldom a situation where someone isn’t smarter, richer, louder, or stronger than you. Yet if you slow down the game and look for the angles, it’s not that difficult to find a way to succeed.” B.O., Filmmaker
  • “Dale’s process is not abstract hocus-pocus. It’s concrete. Think this through, write this down, do these actions – and you’ll be surprised at the results you can achieve in just a few weeks. Since starting this program, my life has completely changed.” – J.C., Video Content Developer
  • “A man of quality and one of the leaders of men of quality.” – Gloria Allred, renowned feminist leader and attorney.


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